Yuno Sugihara

Yuno Sugihara

Designer and gemologist Yuno Sugihara is working from her atelier near Zürich.

The love for stones began in Yuno’s childhood, watching her father who worked in the diamond trade in Antwerp. She later joined the family business.

Together with art director Florence Bachofen, Yuno focuses on creating her own 18K gold jewelry collection , drawing on her Japanese - Austrian roots and designing individual bespoke jewelry for her clients.

„My focus is on a more sustainable lifestyle which for me means to re-use, recycle and upcycle when possible. If you have a jewelry item which is not your style anymore, we can use its materials and design a new piece together. You will fall in love with it again and wear and treasure it forever. So we can do our little part of not harming earth’s resources by using recycled materials.“