Yuno Sugihara Jewelry

where east meets west.

Every woman’s sense of beauty is influenced by her cultural roots. For Yuno Sugihara, that influence is visible in her choice to work with natural pearls and specific shapes and forms representing Japanese cultural motifs and symbols.

Yuno seeks to find beauty in imperfection; in asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, and modesty. She is someone who appreciates natural objects and processes.


Yuno Sugihara

Designer & Owner

Born in Salzburg, Austria, Yuno lived in several culturally rich cities whose architecture and creative energy uniquely influenced her aesthetic intuition.

Growing up, Yuno developed an eye for precious stones and fine metals. At the same time, her interest in fine and functional art, handmade objects, and natural forms was increasing. Her decision to study gemology in Antwerp and later to do an apprenticeship in Tel Aviv came as no surprise to her family. Returning to Belgium, she spent eight years assisting at her father’s company. That experience gave her the confidence to start her own jewellery line, where she wanted to express freely her own developed aesthetic intuition.

Starting her very first jewellery collection, Yuno felt the need to use other materials besides gold and diamonds in her work. She became interested in handcrafting pieces aligned with her values, cultural roots, and aesthetic. The designer started a collaboration with the Swiss Art Director Florence Bachofen, who is now helping her for the opening of the new showroom in Zurich.