RE:MONO - Antwerp

Dear fabulicious Friends !

Now that we have removed the decoration of the holiday season and are ready for fresh colors and uplifting new items in our lives , I am SO SO PROUD to introduce my sister Haruka's  label RE:MONO. It would mean the world to me if you would have a look at her collection under the section DESIGNERS on our site.

RE:MONO is a fashion label based in and between Tokyo and Antwerp, connecting two major fashion epicenters both physically and culturally. Created by Haruka Sugihara, born and raised in Antwerp and currently living in Tokyo, RE:MONO carries a vision to innovate luxury fashion with a cultural and historical impact. Supported by her mother, Esin Ayirtman, former jewelry designer, the brand seeks out an elegant and refined look.  Every piece is handpicked and upcycled to a new, unique one-of-a-kind piece which portraits the feel of the Japanese kimono with a luscious and vibrant color palette yet displays a modern, timeless look with its contemporary design.

RE:MONO’s mission is to bring new life to vintage and antique materials which are sourced in Japan and to bring awareness to the circularity and longevity of fashion. The brand focusses on designing and producing in Belgium by renowned professionals to ensure the highest quality and to reduce the ecological stress our world faces every day. Starting with a well-known design, the traditional kimono, RE:MONO wishes to create a renewed, reinnovated and reinvented design which can be a closet staple for all.

Thank you for checking out these wonderful new designs !

Stay fabulicious,